Arex is the semi-official capital of Privora. It is a trade hub for people of all races, especially those rejected by Drestelia. The city stands around a large mountain, with The Guildhall built on the capped off mountain. A main, wide road circles the mountain from the base of the mountain on the south-west face, rounding the mountain anti-clockwise with small alleys jutting from it. Houses and businesses are built along these alleys all they way up to the Guildhall.


The Guilds of Arex
Currently there are 4 major players in the political system of Arex. These are the guilds known as The Vanguardians, the Trading Guild, the Jewelers Guild, and the Union of Keepers. They currently have the most votes for policy-making and if any other guild wants to propose a law change, they must go through one of these guilds, then get it presented to the Guildhall to be voted on. A majority passes the law.

The current standings for guild votes are as follows:

  • The Vanguardians (Soldiers, Mercenaries, Adventurers and Guards) – 21
  • The Trader's Guild (Merchants, Traders, Caravans) - 19
  • The Jeweler's Guild (Jewelry, Gems, Precious Metals) – 13
  • The Union of Keepers (Inns, Taverns, Clubs) – 13
  • The Mage's Guild (Magic, Enchantments, Curses, Magic Items) – 9
  • The Birdsingers (Bards, Entertainers, Circuses) - 8
  • The People's Guild (Homes, Property, Civil Disputes) – 6
  • The Agriculturalists (Farmers, Foodmakers, Seed Distribution) – 5
  • The Alchemist's Guild (Potions, Poisons, Elixirs, Solutions) – 5
  • The Guild of Spirits (Religion, Healing, Funerals) – 1


Bargenar's Smithworks – A large blacksmith's building, where one can buy weapons, armaments, and other tools. Owned by a goliath smith named Bargenar.

College of Voices – A bard's college dug into the mountain creating fantastic acoustics that vibrate off the walls. Here there is a focus on using music to make magic but also just learning music as an art form in its own right. It is run by a gnome vocalist known as Melody Dewgrip.

The Genie's Lamp – A large tavern at the foot of the mountain that Arex sits upon. Owned and operated by a Halfling gentleman by the name of Elbrix. This tavern is rumored to be home to a genie who can be summoned when the people are in great need.

The Guildhall – Home to the major guilds of Arex. This giant building built atop the mountain houses the headquarters of many of the guilds in the different wings of the building. There is also an area reserved for the smaller guilds and the guilds without residences in the Guildhall to place correspondents for the various guilds to assist those looking for an audience. There is also a large dormitory containing beds for those belonging to the guilds at discounted rates or rates that are often covered by the guilds themselves.

The Temple of Good Fortune – A small temple dedicated primarily to Hermod, the Norse god of luck and Hermes, a lesser known god of commerce. They do also facilitate worship of other gods, particularly the Norse gods and the Spirit Animals.


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