Gillets Ridge

Gillet’s Ridge is the capital of Drestelia . A massive metropolis split into levels, designed to keep those of lesser status away from those of the upper class.

The Palace of the Blessed is the highest level of the city, housing officials and the most noble and royal families. At the center of the palace is The Priory of Freya, the most religious organisation in Drestelia who also manage religious law and ceremonies and traditions, and above that, The Conclave of the Blessed. The Conclave is the highest power in Drestelia dealing with all of the core laws of the land. The rest of the palace consists of various small, enclosed estates of the most noble families in the city. Around the palace are the gardens in which many of the upper class spend their spare time.

The Mid-City is the middle level of Gillet’s Ridge. Here reside all the non-noble humans and the general populous of the city. Here there are many shops and taverns and residences. Situated directly below the Priory is the headquarters of Heimdalls Inquisition, or so people say. Here the inquisitors keep watch of the citizens as well as plot the realm wide movements of their subjects.

The Districts (of the Damned to those of the highest class) houses many people of many races and religious orientation. Anyone of an unsavoury nature gets moved to these peasant houses. The coastal area of the Districts is the docks, separated from the rest of the Districts by a wall almost as large as those circling the city. Here all the classes converge to manage their business, although the area is guarded by Knights of the Watchtower who prevents those of noble ascent from mixing with those of the Districts. These bustling docklands are Drestelia’s biggest and most profitable and are always full of busy people.

Gillets Ridge

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